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Ask us for the best quality in natural and healthy date products.


We currently have direct exports to 15 countries



42 years of experience in production and supply


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More than 30 types of by-products



8 types of dates with high taste and quality

Tisaman Company is one of the most famous export companies in Iran and the world which grows, prepares and exports organic dates with the best quality. Remember that we have natural, healthy and organic sweetmeats here which help you have a healthy and energetic body and also cure and prevent many diseases. We prepare the best types of organic dates for you in Iran and watch your health and pleasure.

The introduction of the company :

Tisaman Company is an established commercial name in the field of producing various date product. This company is one of the most reputable brands in Iran and the world. It has grown steadily in terms of extent and reputation and today it has been able to become an export powerhouse. It is a well-managed company and has the physical and financial strength required to handle very large orders. The profound knowledge and rich experience of management team have assisted the company to achieve a prominent position among the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the area. In addition, we have the capacity and facilities such as refrigerating room to store large quantities of natural dates.

Fresh, natural and healthy dates :

One of the most positive and important points about our products is that all dates are produced in our own date palm groves and after washing and going through the hygienic steps, they are packaged and ready for sale. Therefore, you can feel freshness and naturalness in our products and guarantee your health.