Benefits of giving date to babies


As you know, dates have many properties. They contain a lot of nutrients and minerals. Every person’s body needs enough minerals and vitamins during the day. It is better to provide for this need from the first months of life, and dates are the best natural option to provide for the body’s needs. Therefore, what could be better than putting dates in our children’s diet from the first months of their lives so that they can enjoy all these properties.

Benefits of giving a date to babies

You can give dates to infants from seven months. Do not give dates to a newborn when he or she has just started solid food. Start with small pieces of dates to find out how your baby reacts to this new food. You should calmly give him/her a date along with other fruits. Do not choose dried dates because it is difficult for the baby to chew in the early stages. He/She has to learn to chew sticky food, and that takes time.

The American Heart Association describes dates as a “heart-healthy food” because they are low in cholesterol and saturated fat. This fruit contains nutrients necessary for the healthy growth and development of the infant. A whole date has the following nutritional value for the infant:

Calorie: 66

Fiber: 1.6 gr

Iron: 0.22 mgr

Calcium: 15 mgr

Potassium: 167 mgr

Some niacin, vitamin A and folic acid.

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